My Websites

I have created many websites over the past few years, mostly using WordPress. Here are a few:

Social Web Q and A – Social Web Q and A is my main blog where I cover social media, technology, blogging, and search engines.

Social Web Enterprises – This is the homepage of the LLC I set up for my website network, publishing ventures and writing services. It also houses a blog focused more on the business side of the social web.

Soccer Training Solutions – is a comprehensive online resource for soccer tips and strategies that help players improve their fitness, sharpen technical skills, and understand the tactics and psychology of the game of soccer.

Criminology Careers Today – Criminology is a field that investigates the causes and prevention of crime, as well as the social response to it. While doing a project on criminology research methods for graduate school I created this website that features an annotated resource guide for the field as well as a variety of articles about criminology and criminal justice.

Bowling Alleys USA – This is a website designed to help people find interesting bowling alleys in their area as well as nationwide. It includes detailed reviews, tags, facts, directions, ratings, and a space for bowlers to offer their own opinions.

Beginner Bowling Tips – A collection of instructional bowling articles teaching how to become a better bowler step-by-step, as well as a bowling blog and other bowling-related content.